The processes in a well-run hotel are professionally organized and follow a structured scheme. Clear and unambiguous navigation systems are essential. Guests, for example, must be able to locate their rooms quickly, as well as the nearest restroom, fitness center, or conference rooms at a business meeting. Functional guidance systems increase the satisfaction of hotel guests and reduce inquiries from the workforce.



Meaningful information signs for navigation

Have you ever gotten lost in an insufficiently signposted hotel? Especially in a large, multi-storey building, guests need quick orientation when looking for their room numbers or on the way to the restrooms or the restaurants. But even smaller facilities can quickly become a labyrinth, especially for overnight guests who have just arrived.

Clear guidance systems and clearly recognizable room numbers, as well as direction arrow signs make it easier for people to find their way around in these cases. The sense of an excellent service of a hotel will be perceived, as the guests’ basic needs are taken seriously and with professionalism.

What should you pay attention to when establishing targeted signage? An attractive and informative design – attention to detail even when dealing with small things - gives your hotel a professional impression and shows the guests your expertise and competence. Depending on the type of hotel, you should choose Aluma Standard signs for more conservative style or Aluma Modern design for the signs that add a sense of elegance.

It is important in any case that the signs are easy to recognize, distinct and are guest friendly when being interacted with.

Standard or Modern: a wide range of signage

Our selection of signs makes your decision easier. When choosing the right style, you should ask yourself the following questions in advance 

Which design best suits the character of your hotel?

What materials are mainly used?

How long will the design keep the modern & professional look in your hotel?

The signs should harmonize with it. Polished silver, high-quality bronze and the unusual gold design signs are available.

Do you only have domestic overnight guests or also international ones?  

In this case, we can make custom signs in your language.


Don't just think about the room numbers (internal link). Clear instructions when finding the right amenity - for guests as well as for your own workforce or for suppliers - ensure clarity and remove confusion.

Whether in writing or as a pictogram, Aluma signs will provide a clear visual guidance: If you are looking for the restroom, the baby changing room, the restaurant, or the warehouse, you can find it quickly, you do not have to ask laborious questions. Show your hotel guests briefly how to get to the cloakroom or the swimming pool, and to businesspeople where the meeting rooms are located.


Aluma signage are made from high-quality materials and highly visible shapes

Our exclusive guidance systems offer a comprehensive selection of various information signs for every requirement. The designs are aluminium in silver, bronze and gold, modern and avant-garde. Whether numbers, letters, pictograms, or directional arrows - the self-adhesive signs enable the viewer to quickly find their way around and are easy to understand. The Aluma design room numbers and other signage are eye-catching and attention drawing.


Take a close look around on our website. Let yourself be inspired by the different designs of signs, letters, numbers, and pictograms:

All signs are made of the best materials

Self-adhesive and very easy to assemble

Do you have any special requests or specific design requests?

We are happy to develop and produce customized products tailored to your needs. Our experienced specialists will be happy to advise you comprehensively and in detail to help you choose the right signage for your hotel.