The entrance area is the calling card of a house. The door and house number plate are an important part of an individual design concept that stylishly receives the guest. In addition, the house number serves a practical purpose. We have put together a small guide to what you should pay attention to when choosing your personal house number plate.

Both the right design and very pragmatic things play a role. How big and what material should the house number be? Does she need lighting and what about assembly?

 1 - Size and material of the door number

The selected door number sign should correspond to your personal taste - but the size is also an important criterion. After all, the sign must be clearly visible from the street. A clear, simple design ensures optimal readability.

House numbers are exposed to various weather conditions and environmental influences and have to withstand heat, frost and rain. It is best to choose a corrosion-resistant material - for example, a high-quality aluminium composite house number.

A aluminium composite door number is also very easy to maintain . Simply wipe the digits from time to time with a soft cloth and mild aluminium composite cleaner.

2 - Door Number Lighting

Do you want to be found quickly even in the dark? Then an illuminated house number definitely makes sense. In some municipalities and cities, the lighting of the house number is even mandatory.

But the door number sign should also be clearly visible during the day. This can be achieved with a so-called shadow gap, for example. If the numbers are mounted at a distance from the wall, a shadow is created, which visually distinguishes the house number from the surface.

3 - Installation of the door number sign

For newly minted homeowners, adding their own house number is often a festive moment - because it is the beginning of a new phase of life.

The type of installation depends entirely on the surface. While a smooth surface allows gluing, drilling is the right choice for plaster or concrete.

Our specially developed assembly system does not require any predefined holes - you can determine the position of the drill holes yourself as required. This makes it easier to attach the house number to existing joints or structured surfaces.

4 - The Correct Position of the Door Number

The first criterion is good visibility. It is best to check from the street which position is the cheapest. Avoid placing the house number in the protected entrance area, otherwise it can only be seen from the front. This complicates the search for postmen and parcel carriers, but also for doctors or requested rescue workers. Also make sure that the house number is not covered by bushes, trees or other obstacles.

Do not place numbers and letters too closely or too far apart - both affect readability. Do you prefer unconventional? Then the digits can dance out of line. Place the numbers offset or at an angle - or simply place them on top of each other.

ALUMADESIGNCO: Aluminium Composite Door Numbers

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A door number signs from ALUMADESIGNCO is a statement of good taste and gives your home a piece of distinctive individuality.