When looking for the nearest restroom, the random principle is not a reasonable path. It is better to create the sense of security and highest service level - whatever the need of customers, guests, or employees of your company is.

 Modern informative restroom signs that match the character of your facility are essential detail - whether in your restaurant, doctor's office, office or at home.

Read below what you should consider when choosing your bathroom signs and which variants are available.


Silver, bronze or gold: Variety of Bathroom signs 

Men, women, unisex or handicap toilets: There is a suitable restroom sign for every “quiet place” and every individual need. For good reason, because clear WC signs make it easier to find your sanitary area and prevent unsightly mix-ups. But Aluma Modern signs (internal link) offer more than just information - they also shape the style of your company and the atmosphere of your premises.


It makes sense to pay attention to a uniform design for every amenity signage. The restroom signage should always have a fit between the materials and style of your interior. In rooms, for example, where door and window handles, fittings or other room accessories consist entirely of aluminum or stainless steel, preferably the aluminium composite signs are also used to spot the toilets.


The same applies to furnishing concepts based on warm accents in exclusive gold tones. Here, cool aluminium composite toilet signs would be an effective option. On the other hand, restroom signs in brushed bronze, fit seamlessly into the solid, gold-colored design concept.


The trend towards rust is also beautiful and exclusive. Vintage signs made of thin sheet metal with attractive rust surfaces provide unusual visual accents with timeless charm. They fit perfectly with black room accessories, wood or a wall design in warm yellow, red or brown.



Professional hold without screwing and drilling

Aluma Modern WC signs not only convince with high-quality materials and aesthetic design, they are also easy to install, which means that you can assemble ALUMA DESIGN toilet signs without any tools.

  •       No drilling
  •       No screwing
  •       No holes in the door or wall

ALUMA DESIGN signs are equipped with 3M adhesive tape that sticks tension-free even on structured surfaces.

Installation specifications

All you need for installation is a dry, dust and grease-free base. The recommended installation temperature is 18 to 40 degrees Celsius. The optimal mounting height is at average eye level, measured at about 165 centimeters from the floor. Attached in the middle, this guarantees good visibility even from a distance.


A few simple steps are enough to make the practice, restaurant, office or company not only more customer-friendly, but also more attractive.

Customization options

At Aluma Design, we also have space for individuality, therefore your own ideas can be realized on a request as a sign in silver, bronze or gold - and not just as a toilet sign, but also as indoor or outdoor signage for every individual purpose.