Are you looking for navigation signs for a restaurant, office or hotel? Many years of experience have helped us choose the best quality materials at a loyal price. There is no cheap metal or plastic substitute. We can make it in your design. A clear understanding of the task, fast production and delivery is the key to good cooperation.

How to attract more customers with our signs at your hotel?

Stylish and beautiful door signs, front panels, informative pictograms are part of the comfortable hotel. Interior decorations are a tool for creating a positive image. Therefore, when decorating the interior, a natural question arises, what rooms to choose for doors, signs and panels, so that it is convenient for visitors and business partners are respected. Interior decoration manufacturer ALUMA DESIGN CO knows the answer.

The role of signs in the concept of hospitality

The success of a business in the service sector depends directly on a set of components such as architectural image, exterior, interior decoration. For an artistic image to be complete, these components must be consistent with each other and correspond to the same theme. Ideally, a hotel or a restaurant should become an integral part of the environment. And here the door sign numbers, informative pictograms and other interior decorations are of great importance. These are supplements you can do without, but you shouldn't.

Design, material, technology

It is in this order that you approach the main criteria when choosing a company door number and for the sale or production of panels. When deciding on a design, you can choose the optimal materials. Proven (or non-standard) technology will allow you to implement a project of any complexity.

Material - aluminum or acrylic?

In order for hotel/restaurant/office signs and plates to withstand the effects of external factors, you need to take a responsible choice of materials.

Aluminum metal products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to the corrosion resistance of the metal, the nameplate does not lose its luster after decades.

The acrylic plates are reliable and stylish. A signboard or plaque made of plexiglass will highlight the status of your institution. The products are not afraid of corrosion, they are resistant to chemicals and adverse external influences.

Technology that threatens competitors

Despite urbanization and technological progress, this trend is now manual. Why? It's all about trying to be unique. Information signs made by hand instead of on a conveyor belt offer a significant advantage: no one else has them.

When buying ALUMA DESIGN signs and handmade pictograms, you unknowingly make a choice in favor of something that echoes your creative nature. Handicrafts, as an expression of the human soul, are valued more than those created in mass production.