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Combine Timekeeping and World Exploration with our World Map Decor with Clocks


29.5" x 23,6" (75 cm x 60 cm)
-Brushed Silver aluminium composite, And black acrylic glass.

---MOUNTING---- Mounting with 4 Steel spacers ( included)

Requires 4 x AA/LR6 batteries not included

✅Embark on a journey around the globe with our World Map Decor with Clocks, a unique and captivating piece of wall art that combines both timekeeping and global exploration.
✅Crafted with attention to detail, this world map is designed to bring a sense of wonder and adventure to any space, whether it be your home, office, or study.
✅Enhancing its functionality, our world map decor features multiple integrated clocks that display the time of various time zones around the world, adding a practical element to its artistic appeal.
✅With silent and precise quartz movement, the clocks keep accurate time without any distracting ticking noises, allowing for a serene and focused environment.
✅The combination of a world map and clocks creates a conversation piece that sparks curiosity and invites exploration, making it an ideal addition to educational settings or spaces where geography and global awareness are valued.
✅The high-quality construction of our world map decor ensures durability and longevity, ensuring that it will remain a cherished piece for years to come.
✅Easy to install, the lightweight design allows for hassle-free mounting, and the clock configurations can be adjusted to suit your preferences.
✅Ignite your sense of adventure and stay connected to the world with our World Map Decor with Clocks – a truly exceptional and functional art piece.

Discover the world from the comfort of your own space with our World Map Decor with Clocks – igniting your wanderlust while keeping you on schedule.

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